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June 12, 2014 at 11:33 PM
Queens punts on college football
Chris Miller, cmiller@wbt.com


Queens University of Charlotte said Thursday it would not pursue a football program for the Myers Park college.

The university's president, Dr. Pamela Davies, said a task force determined football "is not a good fit for Queens at the present time."

In January, the university said the South Atlantic Conference approached the school with the idea of adding football to the university's athletic roster.

Queens said it was one of only a few SAC schools without football.

Students, alumni and donors, along with Queens staff, comprised the task force that studied football's feasibility.

In an email Thursday, Davies said the university decided to forego further study of a football program "for a variety of reasons."

687 alumni completed on online survey gauging graduates' interest and concerns about football. The results of that survey were not mentioned in Thursday's announcement.

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