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May 21, 2014 at 10:28 PM
SC economic advisers increase revenue by $86M



South Carolina's economic advisers have increased their revenue projections by nearly $86 million.

The Board of Economic Advisers voted unanimously Thursday to recognize that state coffers are collecting more money than it projected earlier. The approved adjustments include an additional $46 million in taxes and $11 million in lottery profits being collected this fiscal year. That can be used for one-time expenses.

For the fiscal year starting July 1, the board increased projections by $21.6 million in taxes and $8 million in lottery profits.

The adjustments come before the House and Senate begin hashing out differences in their $7 billion spending plans for 2014-15.

They could smooth debate over the major differences, which include whether to expand full-day 4-year-old kindergarten and how much aid to give local governments.


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