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July 14, 2014 at 10:51 PM
McCrory stands by veto threat, uncertain of budget outcome
Chris Miller, cmiller@wbt.com


Gov. Pat McCrory reiterated on Monday his opposition to a Senate Republican budget that the governor said could lead to county-level tax increases.

Last week, McCrory, a Republican, threated to veto any budget that includes an 11 percent pay raise for North Carolina teachers. McCrory said he could only support a raise of up to 6 percent.

"If we give that much money (11 percent) at one time, we're going to be cutting other things that should not be cut," McCrory told WBT's Keith Larson Show. He called the Senate proposal "unsustainable."

McCrory warned the Senate's proposal could lead to higher taxes at the local level. "I don't think counties could afford that big of a pay raise," he said.

House and Senate budget negotiators were scheduled to meet again Monday. Last week, Senate Republicans staged a brief walk-out during a debate on teacher pay, which McCrory criticized. "I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't say that was wrong," he said.

McCrory said Monday he couldn't predict the outcome of the spending negotiations.

When asked about Republicans' inability to agree on a budget, McCrory said similar disagreements occured under Democratic control of the General Assembly and governor's mansion.

"I'm not here to get along with Republicans or Democrats, I'm here to do the right thing," McCrory said.

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